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Knowledge Translation and Optimizing Care Models

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Program Leader: Dr. Lori MacCallum

The mandate of this program is to ensure that scientific knowledge of what we know constitutes best practice is implemented to improve the lives of people with diabetes.  Our primary focus is to examine diabetes care gaps that could best be addressed by pharmacists and develop programs that support and empower pharmacists in the care of patients with diabetes.  There are approximately 37,000 pharmacists in Canada, most of whom work in a community setting making pharmacists highly accessible.  Approximately 85% of patients with diabetes are taking at least one medication and people with diabetes will see a pharmacist more often than any other health care provider.  Pharmacists are highly trained medication experts and this together with their expanded scope of practice and reimbursement for cognitive services creates an environment where patient-centred care can improve diabetes outcomes.

The Knowledge Translation and Optimizing Care Models program recently launched its Guidebook for Pharmacists on Diabetes Management across the country. It also simultaneously launched a national network which is free and open to all licensed pharmacists in Canada with an interest in diabetes.  The goal is to bring together pharmacists to share ideas and best practices through events, publications and networking.  In 2015, the program launched an interactive, online educational program for members allowing them to apply their knowledge through case-based learning. To learn more, visit  


Group Members

Program Leader: Dr. Lori MacCallum, BSCPhm, PharmD, RPh, CDE
Yazid Al Hamarneh, Bsc (Pharm), PhD, CDM (Alberta)
Brenda Bruinooge, BScPhm, RPh, CDE, CGP (Ontario)
Maggie Cheung, BScPhm, RPh (Ontario)
Pierre-Marc Gervais, B. Pharm, pharmacien (Quebec)
Henry Halapy, PharmD, RPh, CDE (Ontario)
Susie Jin, BScPhm, RPh, CDE, CGP, CPT (Ontario)
John Papastergiou, BSc, BScPhm (Ontario)
Robert Roscoe, BScPharm, ACPR, CDE, CPT (New Brunswick)

Program Activities

  • Membership of our Diabetes Pharmacists Network has grown to over 1,070 pharmacists from across Canada.

  • With the support of funding received from the Sun Life Financial Impact Challenge Grant, the program launched Interactive Learning, a custom web platform to host interactive educational modules for pharmacists across Canada. Each module is patient case-based and includes polling, expert videos, a pre- and post-test, downloadable resources, and a discussion section.

  • The BBDC’s Guidebook for Pharmacists on Diabetes Management was referenced in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s  Professional Pharmacy Services Guidebook 3.0 along with the Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines as the resource for pharmacists when completing MedsCheck Diabetes, Diabetes Education or Follow-up assessment. Approximately 6,200 pharmacists across Canada now have the Guidebook.

  • The 4th Annual Diabetes Pharmacists Networking Event was held at the 19th Canadian Diabetes Association/Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism Professional Conference in Ottawa in October 2016.  Dean Neil J. MacKinnon from the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati was the keynote speaker. The 5th annual networking event will be held on November 1, 2017 in Edmonton.

  • Based on her successful work with the BBDC, program leader Dr. Lori MacCallum has received numerous invitations to speak at national pharmacy conferences, has authored a book chapter, is participating in collaborative research on the topic of diabetes management by pharmacists, and teaches health care provider students on the topic.

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Guidebook for Pharmacists on Diabetes Management was referenced in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s  Professional Pharmacy Services Guidebook 3.0

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